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Yiwu is committed to the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

2017-04-01 09:45:56 Yiwu Jiatian Garment Co., Ltd Read

Yiwu City in-depth implementation of the "Gongyejiangfu" development strategy, many enterprises to seize the opportunity of the cage for birds, machine substitutions, space for, the electricity supplier to change the city, and actively optimize the structure, increase independent innovation, to seize the new round of development opportunities in the challenge. The tide of the transformation, "Shengyeni" with a spray of different light shining attitude.

Recently, the Zhejiang Shengyeni Machinery Co. Ltd. is two-fold: Hi, the new 40 thousand square meters workshop for completion, while the introduction of advanced CNC machining equipment and testing equipment, greatly improve the production environment, improve productivity and efficiency; two Xi, the ninety-sixth session held in Shanghai Chinese needle cotton fair and China underwear apparel Exhibition, computer knitting seamless underwear machine developed by the industry peers favor, the show has become a "star touted".

Industry difficult to seek a breakthrough

Since the establishment of the first seamless underwear factory in 1998, from scratch, from there to the fine, seamless underwear industry in Yiwu is full of vitality. "Although Yiwu seamless underwear production enterprises, but except for several well-known brand enterprises for OEM production, small industrial structure, product quality and grades go up, the added value is not high, the lack of technical personnel." China Textile Business Association, China underwear Committee, said. China underwear Committee was founded in Yiwu in November 24, 2010 to build a production, learning and research platform for cooperation and exchanges at the same time as the national underwear enterprise, is committed to promoting the integration of underwear industry resources, promote the coordinated development between the upstream and downstream industries and enterprises, in the clothing industry to boost industrial upgrading and enhance the brand of the road.

In recent years, the economic downturn, rising labor and raw material costs, homogenization of intense competition, many manufacturers are still in the underwear industry chain low-end...... Multiple factors, so that seamless underwear industry continued to slow growth. The new situation at home and abroad continue to develop and change, the moment is the test of the wisdom of the development of the industry, the seamless underwear industry inside and outside the attack how to break the dilemma?

Must open up a new pattern of industrial development, we increase the independent research and development, accelerate machine substitutions, as the base to build an advanced base to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the main." Shengyeni machinery limited company responsible person said Jin Di, seek technical breakthrough in technology to avoid disorderly competition of low price, high quality equipment, high production capacity and high standards of production capacity, is the main method to help companies win.

Equipment revolution to promote transformation

Shengyeni Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in knitting seamless underwear machine, knitting machine development and manufacturing. Since its inception, we adhere to the development of scientific and technological innovation ideas, after years of research and development, has formed a 'independent research and development, supplemented by collaborative R & D' technical innovation mechanism." Jin Di said that technology innovation is the core development advantage of the new technology of "Shengyeni" Everfount emerge, continuously enhance the industry technical status.

Talent is the key to keep the enterprise innovation ability and competitive strength. "Shengyeni" technology as the core competitiveness, set up R & D center, R & D team members are all graduated from a famous University of polymer materials, electrical and mechanical, industrial automation, knitting and other professional, people have a master's degree, dr..

Rely on their own talents and scientific research institutions, domestic colleges and universities to establish a close cooperative relations, focusing on the leading products, "Shengyeni" has invested 100 million yuan, the implementation of seamless underwear machine encoding type density control device, gas film type oil supply device, set ring cylinder device development, seamless underwear knitting machine control system software, software etc. more than 10 R & D projects, to the national 6 patents, including 1 invention patents, utility model 5, 3 software copyright, and achieve the transformation of 2.

At present, automatic tying, suction pull pull, a number of core technologies with transverse yarn feed and a computer control system, master computer seamless underwear machine, reached the international advanced level of similar models, technical level and quality of products always maintain the forefront of the domestic.

Especially as the core technology of the product of the project, "the seamless underwear machine set circle triangle" to solve the traditional circle triangle in the tuck weaving speed, stability, service life, parts manufacturing cost of the problem, improve the efficiency and quality of fabric in weaving circle, has won the national patents, with independent intellectual property rights; the electromechanical integration technology through the automation of electronic and computer software technology to complete the shift control device, jacquard, ring, plain and organizational change with transmission, feeding and pulling action, make a seamless underwear through computer control and processing, to achieve a high degree of intelligence. These seamless underwear machine industry, is tantamount to a technological innovation, equipment revolution.