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Analysis of selection techniques of thermal underwear

2017-04-01 09:47:57 Yiwu Jiatian Garment Co., Ltd Read

Selection techniques:

1 buy warm underwear, to rational choice, compare product cost, do not think the more expensive the better.

2 correctly identify the thermal underwear product advertising, the basic function of thermal underwear is warm and comfortable, and some advertising content is lack of scientific basis, do not blindly believe in the so-called high-tech concepts such as card.

3 choose warm underwear, should be soft and comfortable fabric, light weight, good elasticity, warm.

4 the thermal insulation of warm underwear is inversely proportional to the amount of ventilation. In order to deal with all kinds of traps in the thermal underwear market, we should look at, touch, listen, try and choose the warm underwear.

A look at the fabric: all kinds of thermal underwear on the market with high, medium and low three categories, the use of fabrics are 40 cotton, 32 cotton, polyester cotton, chemical fiber etc., which are used within the surface layer of more than 40 pieces of cotton products is excellent, softness, fine cleanliness, ventilation gloss, are good, but not long after washing pilling, after wearing the clothes will not have the phenomenon of spinning.

Two by hand: high quality underwear on the insulation layer of high manufacturing requirements. High quality thermal insulation lining using microfiber. The garment made of the lining is soft and comfortable and has good thermal insulation performance. Therefore, the hand handle, soft, no matter the sense of its materials better, intermediate carding, complex processes are more advanced, with better performance.

Three voice: Vintage thermal underwear products is by adding a layer of ultra-thin hot melt film warm lining (commonly known as PVC plastic film) way to increase wind resistance, but this product is easy to wear a "rustling" sound, and the permeability of the affected, there is feeling hot, with plastic film and Thermotex is easy to accumulate static friction, easy to wear off issue a "crackling" sound. The new generation of thermal underwear, the use of new materials, new technology to replace the hot melt film, basically overcome the shortcomings. When you purchase just gently shake gently rub, listen without discrimination "rustling" sound.

Four try flexibility: a new generation of thermal underwear positive health, antibacterial function of new product development, and pay more attention to the development of contemporary aesthetic, accord with human body curve, which is to make a major breakthrough in thermal underwear with excellent elasticity. This underwear fabric and the bottom material are added Lycra, lined with core polymer with high flexibility, although the price is higher than ordinary products, but worn, personal sense of good, no bloated feeling, the joint activity is also very comfortable.

Five select the brand: an underwear, from material selection, spinning, weaving, dyeing, sewing, composite to test factory, all aspects of the process are required strictly, so as to warm, breathable, antibacterial, elastic indicators all meet the standard. Therefore, consumers buy thermal underwear, the performance price ratio of integrated products, should pay attention to the purchase of strength, brand excellence, goodwill Zhuo enterprise products, to ensure that no worries after the purchase.

Six try: only with the eyes to see, do not try to buy is dangerous. Sincere and miss shopping guide communication, or very rewarding, because the well-known brand stores or counters in the shopping guide Miss generally through professional training, can give you some suggestions for selection. Please check the relevant thermal underwear industry information