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Who initiated the seamless underwear fashion change?

2017-04-01 09:51:57 Yiwu Jiatian Garment Co., Ltd Read

It has been said that in the Bible, the eve of the eve of the eve of the Bible to eat the forbidden fruit tree leaves, is the history of mankind's first eco underwear. The underwear worn by human beings has experienced a long history of evolution, from the initial cover up to the subsequent pursuit of the most subtle differences in personality and aesthetic feeling. With the development of social economy and culture, people began to return to the pursuit of natural life and the pursuit of wearing underwear is no longer the pursuit of body sculpting, breast and other effects, and more concerned about the health, comfort experience.

Abroad, this comfortable, natural concept has long been popular. Many of the women who love beauty, including those who walk in the forefront of fashion, are comfortable wearing underwear, they believe that the feeling of comfort and wear can make the body in a balanced state of good pressure. With the enhancement of globalization and national strength, China women treat sexy concept has changed, they realized that the soft, elastic, natural skin friendly underwear, a symbol of respect for life, wisdom and spirit of the natural attitude. This attitude is gradually infiltrated into every moment of our lives, whether it is music, movies, food or stretch the body, to improve the quality of life by simple underwear, become the consistent pursuit of women in the world.

In order to meet the people's pursuit of comfortable underwear, many enterprises in the fabric, technology, design and other aspects of innovation and improvement. Seamless knitting technology based on the production of seamless underwear for this demand to find the best product interpretation. At the beginning of 1990s, Italy SANTONI company to create a seamless three-dimensional weaving technology, this is the world of traditional knitting technology is a complete subversion. This SANTONI company created a series of advanced computer seamless knitting machine, as long as the input pre programmed, connect the yarn, then wait a few minutes, you can get to the joints of the products. Seamless weaving technology allows designers to design can not be limited by the fabric, with the help of professional design software, design a variety of different effects and styles, unlimited freedom of design. Seamless weaving is synonymous with comfortable, can make all kinds of natural fiber, synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber to achieve the best combination of products, seamless fit skin and neck, waist and hips, seamless connection, make wearing more comfortable.

Chinese people are always good at learning. Many underwear enterprises have introduced from abroad SANTONI weaving machine production of seamless underwear, Yiwu has become the largest and most concentrated seamless underwear industry base. However, the weaving machine produced just santiny cylindrical semi-finished products, although relatively traditional sewing need less labor, high efficiency, and seamless fabric skin, comfortable, but the lack of design changes, not simple fashion, seamless underwear cut out to cheap, popular feeling. How to make seamless underwear not only play the most suitable for human skin comfort requirements, but also to make up for lack of fashion sense?