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Seamless underwear market prospects

2017-04-01 09:52:52 Yiwu Jiatian Garment Co., Ltd Read

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for underwear gradually increased, the current seamless underwear market in China gradually formed. With the seamless underwear products will also be driven by the rapid development of seamless weaving equipment.

Recently, the author of a large clothing store in Beijing, for consumer awareness of seamless underwear made a random survey. The results showed that up to 85% of consumers do not understand the seamless underwear and its characteristics; 10% of consumers said that, but it is not clear what is the advantage of seamless underwear, willing to try; only 5% of consumers said they bought the seamless underwear is also good, but the price is higher than similar products.

Visible, the current seamless underwear in the eyes of the majority of consumers in the country is still relatively fresh products, seamless underwear market has not really formed. In the future, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for sports underwear and body underwear gradually increased and the understanding of their functions and characteristics. Once the majority of domestic consumers to accept seamless underwear products, will show a huge market space, which is unmatched by other countries and regions. With the seamless underwear products will also be driven by the rapid development of seamless weaving equipment.

Seamless equipment market

The concept of seamless knitting began in the 80s of last century, when the production equipment is mainly used for industrial production of socks and knitted garments. Now seamless technology has made great progress, and more and more into the use of clothing in all aspects of the field, not only in the underwear market occupies a considerable proportion, and the direction of the direction of sportswear and swimwear breakthrough. Now the production and consumption of more than 90% of the clothing in Europe, North America, etc.. In recent years, although the Asian region has just started, but the development is very rapid.

SANTONI Italian company marketing manager PatrickSilvaSzatkowski believes that in recent years, although the Chinese seamless garment has just started, but has developed rapidly. In recent years, the development of seamless products from the European market gradually into the Asian market, and China is one of the largest market. In addition, investors on the market potential of high-tech equipment investment, but also a factor in the rapid development of seamless equipment.

According to reports, in 2010 the Asian market seamless product investment accounted for more than 80% of the total global market, and China seamless products in recent years has become a rising trend, compared with other knitted products, products share from 2%~3% in 2000 to 2010 increased by about 14%, the future development of space has become a rising trend. It can be said that seamless products have great room for development.

Yiwu seamless knitting association secretary general Xu Ning introduction, at present, seamless weaving equipment in China's underwear industry market share of about 5%. However, from the development trend, seamless clothing will become an alternative to traditional textile and apparel products. On the underwear market, the development of seamless underwear has been quite mature, at this stage from the statistical analysis of the equipment to the market share of the product, the global market is about 20%, the domestic underwear market, 10%. But with the seamless weaving technology to enhance the development, enhance the production capacity of the machine, transfer and consumer direction, especially domestic still mainly seamed products market, in the next 3~5 years, the market is expected to 30% underwear products for seamless products.

Technical advantages of high operational difficulty

Seamless weaving technology is based on the human body curve and physiological function as the foundation, relying on computer aided programming style, using digital processing means of intelligence, a technology to enable the products to structure a three-dimensional, directly from the machine produced. Compared with the traditional way of knitting production, flexible seamless technology has lower labor costs, reduce the waste of raw material, a molding organization can weave three-dimensional (3D) has the advantages of three-dimensional organization, these are tailor to do.

According to PatrickSilvaSzatkowski, the "seamless" process can be directly woven yarn clothing, eliminating a lot of processes, greatly simplifying the production model, reducing production costs.

Because the products are not seamless stitching, clothing on the side, shoulder, armpit and other excess suture and bloated appearance disappeared, it is more fit and comfortable than traditional clothing and knitwear, no longer be due to the existence of elastic restraint suture. Therefore, the seamless underwear is called "the second human skin", has the characteristics of comfortable, fitted, moisture, breathable, plump and smooth and elastic and soft.

Although the advantages of seamless weaving technology is obvious, but for the majority of domestic enterprises have just started, but a little acclimatized". Deputy general manager of Shenzhen United States Centennial Clothing Co., Liu Fan told the author that the hundred years the main production of seamless knitted underwear, existing seamless underwear knitting machine 78 units, due to equipment with high precision, fine workmanship, high technical requirements, which requires skilled workers with more professional. Such as improper operation prone to circuit failure, defective and loss is greater than the traditional garment enterprises. And all products are single weaving, even with the same cylinder dyeing will be a certain color, size by the environmental impact, the tolerance range is larger.

Xu Ning also said that due to knitted garment production equipment dependent stronger, different structures and different design styles with seamless electronic jacquard knitting machine can not be separated, once the equipment failure, production is greatly affected.

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