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Seamless underwear breakout Road

2017-04-01 09:54:35 Yiwu Jiatian Garment Co., Ltd Read

According to reports, the seamless underwear market did not rise, the main reason is the product of a single, when people call it seamless Body underwear, body has become a selling point, hit the market, but also limits the development of. Seamless underwear once became a woman's "patent", resulting in a misunderstanding of consumption. Although in recent years the product profit decreases year by year, but the market potential is huge. As long as the product is right, or worry about the market.

Extension of the industrial chain, the production of marketable products, do special market......

Wenzhou businessmen in the vicinity of nearly 0.5 euros in France to sell the price of Zhejiang seamless trousers, a little better only to sell for $1. The industry believes that the price of seamless products in foreign countries to such a low level, surprising.

"The main products", Yiwu seamless underwear industry association secretary general Xu Ning said that the current domestic seamless underwear enterprises are too single, or in the suit, and the development of the fabric styles are not enough, cause the prices go up. To get out of the woods, we must take a new road, the development of home, sports products, enhance product added value.

1 upstream to extend the industrial chain

2 products on the road, there is no worry about the market

3 do do fine, is also expected to get out of the woods